Hand Crafted Items

What is a Wax Handle?

If you aren't familiar with sealing envelopes with wax, the term "wax handle" can leave you scratching your head. Despite the somewhat mysterious name, what this is, is actually simple. It's a tool that you grasp like a handle, and use to stamp letter-sealing wax onto an envelope, folded letter, or even on a flat paper. It typically holds a die so that a symbol or words are embossed into the wax during the process.


It's possible to get a wax handle from a variety of sources, ranging from calligraphy kits to high-end stationery stores. However, none of them will have the unique look of our handcrafted items. The reason for this is simple: We make our wax handles and other items from spent bullet casings.


The bullet casing used for our wax handle is a .50 caliber one, so you can be sure that you can get a good grip as you make your seals. We also offer two pro-2nd Amendment dies, and these are made to fit perfectly within our wax handle.


This is just one of our handcrafted items made from bullet casings. We also offer a wide range of other items to meet a variety of situations and tastes. Dress up your refrigerator door with our bullet magnets, or switch your boring plastic push-pins for ones made from 9mm shells. If you want to accessorize yourself, add our bullet casing tie clip or our .40 cal cufflinks to your wardrobe.


No matter what you would like to accessorize with functional bullet casing-based items, we have something for you. Stop by our site today to see the current selection, and choose everything you want to show your interest in shooting.