Calligraphy Kits

  Professional-grade Hand Crafted Bullet Items

It may seem strange to keep an item made from a .50 caliber bullet casing with calligraphy kits, but in our case, it is a perfect combo. That's because the item in question is a wax handle, and it allows you to place a wax seal on your latest calligraphic letter! It is hand crafted from an actual spent .50 cal brass bullet casing, and holds either of our two pro-2nd Amendment brass dies. With it, you can seal the envelopes from your calligraphy kits in a way that is uniquely your own.


We offer many other hand crafted items made from bullet casings, as well. You can go for an upscale look by picking up our tie clip and cufflinks, as well as by putting our wax handle on display on your desk. If you'd rather have a "hunter" look, try our bullet zipper tags and lamp pulls, or go around town with our bullet valve stem caps on your tires.


For all of our items, we use brass casings from bullets of the perfect size to be of the proper scale. Small items, like our push pins, are made with 9mm or even smaller casings. Large ones are made using .40 or even .50 caliber casings, so they're as big and beefy as you'd expect.


Whether you're looking to upgrade calligraphy kits with a stronger esthetic, bring some hunting or gun-related style to your home, or subtly signal your love of shooting on your car, we have the perfect accessories for you. Most of our items are made from spent bullet casings, and have signs of use that make each of them unique. Check them all out at our site and buy the ones that catch your eye. We're betting that you'll soon want all of them!