Bullet Gifts

  Bullet Gifts: For the Shooting Fan in Your Life

Plenty of people love to shoot, whether at ranges or on hunting trips. Others just like the idea of shooting and guns. However, there are few gifts that cater to this interest. This has recently changed, thanks to d2i Ammo Accessories. Our line of bullet gifts are unique and directly speak to the energy and mystique of guns.


It could be said that our gifts are bullets made into crafts, but they are actually much better than this. We produce professional-quality items that use actual bullets in their designs. From our .40 cal cufflinks to our 9mm push pins, our bullet gifts show professionalism and expert construction. A shooting buff will want all of our bullet gifts, and will never accuse you of giving them "crafts."


There are many places where our bullet gifts can be used. This is because we make them in many forms. For those who also love to drive, our .40 cal valve stem caps make the perfect vehicular accessories. People who are going to the range or out hunting will love adding our 9mm or 5.56mm bullet zipper tags to their jackets. If you know someone who wants to show more class, give them our .50 cal wax handle (remember to get the brass die to make stamped wax seals). It is an excellent addition to any desk, especially with its conversation-starting functionality.


These are just some of the items we make using bullets and expended bullet casings. Stop by our site to see our entire selection today. Also, remember that our items aren't just for use as gifts. Get any or all of them for yourself, as well. They are fashion accessories that you can't find just anywhere.