Ammo Crafted Items

  Gift Ideas for Men Don't Have to Include Shirts and Ties

Gift ideas for men are some of the hardest to come up with. Every guy, it seems, already has too many shirts, pairs of pants, and sets of underwear. For most men, ties are of little use since they're only worn on special occasions. Those who are exceptions to that rule usually already have a drawer full of them. Therefore, finding good gifts for men takes thinking way beyond the basics.


This is where ammo crafted items come in. Nothing says "for men" than gifts made from spent bullet casings! Even better, these ammo crafted items are available in a wide variety of forms to meet many tastes. You can find items as subtle as refrigerator magnets made from bullets, and as obvious and ostentatious as wax handles made from .50 cal shells. They can be worn as cufflinks or zipper pulls, cover the air valves on tires, or even serve as push pins for a memo board.


Our ammo crafted items are all unique due to the fact that they are based on spent casings. A few random scratches typically appear during the firing process, so no two are alike. We polish the casings and expertly make any changes or additions needed to turn them into functional items. Men love it when they can get actual use out of their gifts, so we make sure that all of our items are good for more than just looking at them.


If you're in need of gift ideas for men who already have all of the standard items, visit our site. Our selection is full of things the men in your life don't already have.