Ammo Crafted

What is Ammo Made into Craft?

Everyone knows what ammo is made for, but not many consider what happens to old bullet casings once the bullets have been used. Are they melted down? Maybe they're just thrown away. Neither of these are the case if we're around!


We collect used bullet casings and turn them into handsome, functional items suitable for adding to your own decor or wardrobe. These "ammo crafted" items retain their recognizable bullet shapes, and come in sizes according to the type of casings used. This makes it easy to develop a shooting or gun motif for your home, office, or even your clothing.


For clothing, our ammo made into craft takes the form of accessories. We have zipper pulls, tie clips, and cufflinks made from bullets. The sizes range from 9mm to .40 caliber, and are perfect for the forms the final products take. If you'd like to upgrade your decor, try our bullet refrigerator magnets or push pins. The push pins will definitely catch people's eyes whether in a home office or an outside place of business. No one will be able to ignore the sight of what seems to be bullets sticking out of your message board!


If you're looking for something even more unique, our ammo crafted wax handles are perfect. They're made of .50 cal shell casings, and this makes them some of our largest items. One of these sitting on top of your desk will definitely make a statement. They hold our corresponding dies, too, so you can easily emboss a design into your wax seals.


To see these and other examples of our ammo made into craft, come to our site. You'll love the wide array of ammo crafted items, and will surely want several for yourself – whether you're a gun buff or just want something truly unique.